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Workshops @ ITM SAAD

Workshops @ ITM SAAD

There are 2 workshop zones in the department, where students do basic design activities, model making, pottery, clay and many other activities in their free time and working Saturdays. Apart for that the department is actively involved into organizing various workshops all year around.


Students deal with material, making innovative sculptures, based on themes given. Understanding of handling the material and creating the structures is achieved.


The workshop aimed at an idea, of creating an enclosure amidst nature, for the students, having no impositions, rules or walls as such, providing a free and interactive space that turns out to be an hub containing growing minds, new ideas and intellect along with the informal comfort that a student usually tries to manage  in a college.


Different wooden joineries were experimented in the workshop, along with the group of faculties. Students made true scale furniture pieces. The complexities of creating a neat detail, which is aesthetically good and durable, will help to visualize the form and handling material at same time.


Ceramic art workshop trained students about the materials, their handling and how to work with them. Superficially it resulted into giving a final product, an article, but deep inside it made the individual-patient and stable, with the processes involved in it, only if taken seriously and effectively

  • TIE AND DYE :-

To generate awareness about traditional art forms and helping it to propagate forward in a way conserving it, this work shop consisted of teaching students about the techniques of dyeing and designing textiles, with indigenous practices of ‘bandhni’ and ‘batik’

  • GLASS :-

Glass casting is a delicate art, involving creation of articles that takes a toll on the workmanship and the design as well. The workshop for the same was more of a teaching and some hands on training of creating small pieces that can be assembled together to a sculptural installation; students designed and created the models, under guidance of the workshop expert, who was dealing with a small group of 3 at a time.

  • MOSAIC :-

An arrangement which is meaningful, as a background to something more significant, was created using tiles mosaic, on the wooden base. The art, aiming the students to learn to be selective of size, color combination, to create a whole from the parts.


This workshop involved teaching of the techniques and many other hidden aspects of theater and acting that we otherwise overlook as an audience. The teaching group trained students in the techniques, and the entire process of enacting plays, from the script to the stage; and the students did perform one such play.


After the Auroville visit, a group of students and faculties conducted the workshop to educate different uses of newspapers. Different objects were created from newspapers such as small and big baskets, cups, storage items to store materials. After learning the basic technique, the same can be used to produce creative items.


The Japan based artist, Katsutoshi Yuasa, was invited to conduct the workshop. He taught the techniques of soft woodcutting, and creating different colored prints from the same. It enhanced the thinking of positive negative spaces of the art and its use.


The US based artist, Ms Meghan Shahm was invited to conduct 2 days workshop, with group of 15 students. They created various prints from Acrylic glass itching through modeling tools, and paints.


First year students are involved into workshops, which help as an enhancement to visualize the 3 dimensional spaces from 2 dimensional paper exercises.

  • MANTIS :-

A mascot of Architecture Department was thought of by group of students and Director Sir. The large scale model of mantis was geared up, using the scrap material, welded and painted in college workshop.


Different morphology models, of different sizes, created to understand the complexity of the structure, and its use in creating varied spaces.


As an extension to morphology models, one typology G3, was enhanced to enormous scale, using mild steel rods. They were welded, joined and painted to create a dome.


Various artists from the field were called at different time periods, and pottery workshops are organized in every semester. They teach the techniques of handling mud on pottery wheels, balancing, visualizing, creating and modulating the form.


The eminent photographer, Mr. Manish Mehta, was invited for one day workshop of photography for group of students. Various types of cameras and technical aspects of photography were discussed and hands on exercises were performed.


The group of students began the workshop from mixing of cement, sand, water and creating mortar, leading to different types of brick bonds and arches in the construction yard of the college.


Ar. Mafalda Fernandes, with group of students, constructed a semi open space as an extension to existing canteen in campus, of bamboo.