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Scholarship Scheme

ITM Universe, Vadodara

CPI-based Scholarship Scheme 2018-2020 for Meritorious Students

Scholarship Scheme

The Management is happy to extend the Scholarship Scheme 2018-2020 with slight revisions. The details of this scheme are given below.

Eligibility Criteria (All the following conditions should be simultaneously satisfied)

  1. Student is currently studying in ITM Universe, Vadodara (ITMU). Thus, passed out students will NOT be eligible for scholarship based on their final year result. However, if a passed out student takes admission in another course (e. g. ME or MBA or MCA, or D. Arch. Student takes admission in B. Arch; etc.) at ITMU, they will be eligible to receive scholarship based on their final year result in a course which was done at ITM Universe, Vadodara.
  2. Average CPI of a student in an Academic Year as awarded by the university is 8.0 or above in the first attempt. In order to rationalize the Scholarship Scheme, the following two conditional criteria have been added.
  • Attendance criteria as prescribed by the University must be satisfied fully for all the Theory Classes as well for all the Tutorial and Lab Sessions. All Attendance Lists containing attendance of Theory Subjects, Tutorial and Lab Sessions are to be submitted as per the Academic Calendar’s schedule to the Director, Dean-Academics, and the Controller of Examination (CoE).
  • Full fee has been paid on or before the due date as mentioned in the Academic Calendar.
  1. No default in regular submission of Lab Journals and Assignments. Monthly records of Lab Submissions are to be submitted to the Director, Dean-Academics, and the Controller of Examination (CoE).
  2. Minimum 70% marks are obtained in each CET / MST. CET / MST results are to be submitted to the CoE as per the Academic Calendar’s schedule.
  3. The student has followed (is following) rules and regulations of the Institute.
  4. No disciplinary action was taken against the student.
  5. No financial assistance of any kind is available from any source (including ITMU). Thus, the scheme is NOT applicable to the following category of students:
  • Students who have taken admission under Term Fee Waiver (TFW) Scheme
  • Students who are eligible for other scholarships and / or any kind of financial aid scheme.
  • Students who were given any concession in their fee by ITMU.

Scholarship Scheme 2018-2020

The standard scholarship scheme for eligible meritorious students is given below.

      CPI                                         Scholarship per Annum

CPI  >=  9.5                                        Rs. 40,000/- p. a.

9.00 <= CPI <= 9.49                        Rs. 30,000/- p. a.

8.50 <= CPI <= 8.99                        Rs. 20,000/- p. a.

8.00 <= CPI <= 8.49                        Rs. 10,000/- p. a.


  • If in one or two semesters of an academic year, major (70% and above) credits are allocated to Project and / or to subjects where evaluation is done either by Internal Examiners or by a Jury, then the scholarship will NOT be awarded for that Academic Year.

For detailed procedure for applying for scholarship, the Students Center is to be contacted.